Den Alpine Have - Denmark

 The name of the Danish Society is: "Den Alpine Have".

We are a Danish Local group, cooperating with The Alpine Garden Society in England. We are about 400 members in Denmark.

The objective of our Society is to promote the interest and knowledge of alpine plants - how to cultivate these plants in our garden and study how they grow in the nature.

Therefore, we arrange visits to members' gardens, lectures, courses, exhibitions and publish a Danish magazine in order to promote the knowledge of alpine plants.

The expression "alpine plants" encompass all plants suitable for a scree, rock garden, frame or alpine house covering true alpines and small hardy plants including perennials, bulbs, ferns, woodland plants, dwarf conifers, shrubs and other plants within the scope and the interest for the Society.

We arrange meetings throughout the country with lectures and where members can exchange and buy plants.

Four times a year we are publishing the magazine "Den Alpine Have" which all members of "Den Alpine Have" recieves.

We are offering a possibility for an extended membership ie. a membership of both "Den Alpine Have" and "The Alpine Garden Society" (in England). Members with this extended membership will also recieve "The Alpine Gardener" - a magazine published by "The Alpine Garden Society" four times a year.
The quality of both magazines is very high and through text and photos of alpine plants, it promotes the knowledge of alpine plants.

Through The Alpine Garden Society our members with extended membership can buy books at favourable prices and receive a very professional seed list once a year offering seed from alpines and rare plants from all over the world.

The actual membership fee can be seen here.

If you want further information about the Danish local club, you are very welcome to call us or send us an e-mail.